Whether we like it or not, people have gotten smarter. Or perhaps, more accurately, they have simply adapted and learned from prior mistakes. They see through our old marketing tricks, which means we marketers have had to adapt as well. Don’t try to employ any of these old marketing tactics; they don’t work anymore, and they might actually deter your customers. And we don’t want that, now do we?

Over advertising. There’s a reason people pay for premium versions of music streaming services that don’t include ads. They don’t like them. People don’t want their favorite song or TV show to be interrupted by an advertisement for something they aren’t even interested in. This isn’t to say that ads don’t work at all anymore. They do. But be careful not to plaster your ads on every social media platform all the time. After a while, you might actually end up driving your potential customers away.

Extreme email marketing. On a similar note, do NOT overload your customers’ inboxes with marketing emails. I once accidentally ended up on an email list for Kohl’s and for whatever reason could not get off of it no matter how many times I hit unsubscribe. For two years I received emails almost daily, and to this day I will never set foot in a Kohl’s never again. Don’t make the same mistake.

Obvious marketing. Marketing is about being likable and engaging with your customers, not shoving things in their faces like a sleazy car salesman. If you are blatantly out to sell them something without putting in the effort to engage with people, they’re going to see right through you. Putting your name out there means nothing if you’re just slapping it on every single post you make on social media. Attach your personality along with it.

Old SEO. It’s not so easy or nearly as effective to buy your SEO anymore. We’re dealing with people who have grown up in the digital age, and they have slowly begun to spot which sites are ranked high for the right reasons. Most people will skip the first few links labeled as ads anyway, so work toward organic SEO to build real trust with your customers.

Buying social media popularity. We cannot stress this enough: Do not buy your followers and likes. It will do you absolutely no good in the long run. Popularity on social media only benefits you because it means you are doing a good job of posting relevant content and interacting with your customers. If your followers are not increasing or are dropping, that’s a warning sign that you need to stop up your game that you wouldn’t get if bought-followers are masking it. Moreover, it’s obvious to your customers that those followers were paid for when your number of followers is way out of proportion with the likes and comments you average. Long story short: Don’t. Do. It.

Your customers are smart people. Put some faith in what they know and don’t think you can fool them with these outdated marketing tricks. Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for marketing tricks that will work.

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