Nothing is more important to your digital security than choosing the right password. In a society where online security fraud becomes more and more relevant, it’s important to be informed about your options regarding your password and its safety. Below are 7 facts that can help you create better passwords and keep them safe and secure from others.

Use Software to Reduce All Your Passwords into One
Most people have more than one system that they need to use a password for. It’s never a good idea, though, to use the same password for each. Sometimes, due to unique requirements, it’s not even an option to. In any case, Single Sign On software is an easy way to store all the passwords you need to remember behind one. Just enter that one password, and the Single Sign On software will handle inputting all the rest.

You Can Use a Password Calculator to Test Yours
If you’re curious how well your password would do against a brute force attack, try using a free password calculator online. Input the relevant information about your password, and the calculator will let you know how long it would take to crack.

Hackers Can Guess Just About Any Words
One of the main recommendations people get about their passwords is to choose something random instead of a word or even a word plus some numbers. That’s because of a hacker method known as brute force attacks. It’s software that basically works by inputting every single word and number combination possible until it finally lands the right one. Choose a completely random string of characters, though, and you’ll be better able to withstand this method.

You Can Use Password Generators
Having a hard time coming up with a strong password on your own? Opt to use a password generator. The Internet has a number of free options that will create one for you in no time.

Many Hackers Don’t “Hack”
We tend to think of hackers as evil geniuses using protracted coding to crack into sophisticated systems. But the truth is that, many of them opt to use methods like phishing that rely on social engineering. This takes nothing more than sending a specifically designed email to people that tricks them into handing over their password. Usually it purports to be from the company that created the system.

You Can Use 2 Step Authentications
Many systems that use passwords offer a 2 step authentication process for extra security. While it requires a password, it also uses an extra step to safeguard your access. For example, it might text message your cell phone another password that you need to use.

The More Digits, Numbers, and Symbols, the Better
This is probably obvious. It’s just another way of saying the more complex your password, the harder it is to crack. But consider this: a 6-digit password that’s nothing but lowercase letters will take about 10 minutes for a talented hacker to crack. But a 9-digit password that combines numbers and symbols will take well over 44,000 years.

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