Put on your thinking cap and imagine this scenario. You are a blogger and you used to write awesome content that kept your audience engaged. Suddenly your blog just stopped being engaging. You read your post and you know it’s crap. Your viewer count is dropping drastically. Your posts have become boring and you totally have run out of creative juice. You continue writing and posting because you feel the need to satisfy you leftover audience. You know in your heart that if you continue with these boring posts, soon you’d have no audience to satisfy…sorry scratch that. You have no audience to bore.

Scary right?

Now take off your thinking cap. The reality of the matter is that there are people who are experiencing this sort of thing and do not know how to handle it. They know something needs to be done but have not a single clue what needs to be done. If you are one of such people or you know one of such people, then read on.

In this Interesting post, you will be seeing 7 tips that will help spice up your boring content.

STOP WRITING: This may sound surprising to you but really you should stop writing. Writing boring content doesn’t profit anyone in any way. Your audience doesn’t want it and you don’t need it. Unless you know a bunch of people that will pay you to stop writing, stop writing and try your hands on something different. Here’s the thought. Blogging is a form of content marketing, not the only form. Having to quit blogging doesn’t mean you get to quit content marketing. Try other forms of content marketing and see what works for you. You mind find a new love. You just never know.

USE YOUR COMPETITORS: You may have run out of creative juice, doesn’t mean your competitors have too. Have you considered studying your competitors? If you haven’t you should. Studying your competitors could give you the idea you so badly need to improve your content. You never know where that spark of inspiration might just come from.

P.S: Always obey copyright laws. It is an offence to violate copyright laws. If you do so, you do so at your own risk. This blog shall not be held responsible for any such actions. Be warned.

USE SOCIAL MEDIA: Your content on your web page/blog is boring but your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c accounts are buzzing, integrate your content with that fun. With social media, as long as you have followers, you have an audience. You just need to get their attention with what interests them. You could host a quiz or something of that sort that is engaging meanwhile starting a really awesome hashtag campaign. Content should be anything but boring. You see that Twitter account you’ve got, use it. If you have various social media platforms you are really good with, even better.

HIRE SOMEONE ELSE: Firing someone else isn’t an easy task. It is hurtful but in the business world, sometimes hurtful is good. Times when the person handling your post has lost his touch, give someone else the job. Fresh blood could help bring fresh ideas that could cause an improvement in the quality of your content.

P.S: If firing people isn’t your thing or you are the one who needs to be fired, you could consider working with someone else and see if sharing views would get your creative juice flowing and improve your content.

FREEBIES: So your content is boring and everyone is leaving your page; they don’t like it. Do you know what everybody likes? Yes! Free stuff. People love free stuff. You know your audience, give them for free, something they don’t have and they need. Everyone loves free resources. The trick here is to keep them on your page long enough for you to come up with a really effective marketing campaign and be interesting.

USE VIDEO ENGAGEMENT: In a previous post-Video Marketing, I mentioned the use of video becoming a top trend in marketing today. You too can try that. Take your camera and shoot that video. Your dying blog could be a thriving vlog.

USE IMAGES: Images are eye-catching and engaging. Chances are if your blog post has no image, it would be boring. Use images in your post to make it more reader friendly. So you see, your problem can be solved. We all hit writers block every now and then but when the block seems unbreakable, these 7 tips can be all that stands between you and retirement.

Have a nice day.

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