Redesigning a website through a web design agency makes your job as the business owner a lot easier, but it doesn’t absolve you of all responsibilities. Just like anything else, preparation is key, and putting in the effort ahead of time will make all the difference in the overall process. Following these simple steps will allow you to sit back and relax while your agency works unhindered.

Introduce yourself

A design agency can’t help you if they don’t know what they’re dealing with. Give them a good idea of what your company does, what services you offer, what you’ve accomplished and what you hope to accomplish. They need a general idea of your business’s “personality” in order to apply it to your website.

Do inventory

The more familiar you are with your website, the easier it will be for you to communicate with an agency about specific changes that need to be made. Make sure you know exactly what you’re starting with so you know what you want to change. Go over all current content; photos, information, reviews and blog posts. Is everything up to date? Is anything no longer relevant? Do you have enough content? Too much? Overall, are you happy with the content on your website? A new layout won’t help if you are unsatisfied with what is laid out, so make sure you identify exactly what will stay, what will go and what needs to be created or added.

Know your audience

Have a clear understanding of who visits your website the most. What products or services are they interested in? What do they need? What will they be looking for? Knowing the kind of demographic your company caters to will allow an agency to adjust your website’s design to fit those needs. A web designer’s job extends past simply creating a layout; successful web design is a form of online marketing that visually communicates with your audience, so make sure you know exactly what you want to be communicated.

Do your research

Bring in any websites that you’ve fallen in love with or been inspired by. Offer several examples and be able to identify what aspects of each website you like or don’t like. This gives the agency an idea of what you’re looking for and helps them tailor it to the design of your own website. Go in with a general idea of any color scheme you want to stick to, specific words or phrases you want to use and the kind of layout that fits your company’s style. Even examples of websites you don’t like can be helpful in knowing what to avoid.

Identify your goal

You may not know precisely what you want your website to look like, but knowing how you need it to function is essential. Be clear about what your website needs to do for your business. Are you looking to increase social media activity? Better communicate with your customers or clients? Profit directly from your website? Whatever it is that you need from your website, your web design agency needs to know about it.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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