Contrary to popular belief, the rules that govern landing page best practices are not rocket science and can be implemented efficiently once you possess an understanding of them. We all know that the ultimate objective of any landing page is to convert prospects into leads. Many of us, however, have difficulty comprehending the fact that in order to accomplish that objective, one must stick to certain basic rules. There is no other way around it –no shortcuts – no alternatives.

In order to help you achieve your ultimate goal of crafting high converting landing pages, we have compiled a list of essential rules/strategies that you can employ in your quest.

Always ensure that the main headline of the landing page resembles the advertisement the ad visitors clicked in order to get there.

Make use of directional cues to draw attention to your call to action. This can be accomplished with arrows, videos, or images that can grab even a casual visitor’s attention.

Include a large call to action button so that it’s easily visible. Don’t make it excessively large – just large enough that it can grab the attention of your visitors without giving off a negative vibe.

If it’s a lead generation form, wherein the call to action button is towards the bottom of the page, use the aforementioned arrows or images up to the point where the visitors can eventually find the Call to Action (CTA) button.

Always remember that all high converting landing pages typically feature a single and unique purpose. Therefore, make it a point not to include more than one CTA on your individual landing pages. This will help you broadcast your message to the target quarters loudly and clearly.

Every single element on your landing pages should be designed and configured per the product or service you are trying to sell/promote. This is one of the most crucial aspects of any landing page optimization technique.

If possible, highlight a brief demonstration of your product or service on the landing page so the visitor gets a quick hint about what to expect from your offering.

Try and provide free trials or samples of your products and services just to engage your customers. If you are trying to sell a book or other digital content, offer a free version of it.

High-converting landing pages are those that segment traffic sources in a pre-defined and specific manner – for example, you can send your Pay Per Click, social media, email, organic, or banner traffic to individual landing pages for better message matching and evaluation. Also, make a point to segment the landing pages as per user type. For example, never send any male product to the women on your email list.

Include your phone number and other contact details so people know that you are actually real and can be reached out to on a personal level.

These are just a few examples of landing page best practices. By adhering to these guidelines, you will notice a marked increase your conversion rate. Keep visiting our blog for more such cool landing page optimization tips and tricks.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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