Recently, we sat down with Chinwe Kpaduwa of The Omena Law Firm, LLC to discuss her new website. Omena Law provides legal representation for personal injury, criminal and traffic, and domestic violence cases.

Can you tell me about some of the daily marketing challenges that you face? How does the new website help?

Ms. Kpaduwa: Daily challenges for the law firm include maintaining a steady influx of clients, so marketing is huge. I wanted a website that would show up on a smartphone screen, since most of the time, people are searching from their mobile devices.

Did you have a previous website that could no longer meet your company’s needs? If so, how did your needs change?

Ms. Kpaduwa: The old website was mobile-friendly, but my practice areas had changed. I had had the old site done for free by a friend, who wasn’t available to make changes to it any more.

What prompted you to search for a new website? What sort of criteria did you have in mind for your new site?

Ms. Kpaduwa: I’m not tech-savvy, and I didn’t know how to make changes to my old site. As far as criteria, I didn’t want it to look like a boilerplate or something that was made from a template.

When creating Ms. Kpaduwa’s website, we went with a WordPress platform, which allows her the flexibility to make changes to her site. The site utilized a custom design that integrated the colors from the Omena Law Firm’s logo.

How did you search for a new web designer? What criteria did you have in mind?

Ms. Kpaduwa: I looked at Amicus, who had reached out to me repeatedly. In addition to providing case management software, they also do websites, content marketing, blogging, and more. I also Googled other personal injury law firms and looked at who did their website.

Why did you choose GTECH Designs over the other solutions you researched?

Ms. Kpaduwa: I had a friend who had had her website done by GTECH about 3-5 years ago. More recently, I looked at a few others, but kept coming back to GTECH’s work. GTECH has done a number of websites for people I know, and I liked the fact that they were clean and easy to access. The website didn’t look like it was a boilerplate, or had been designed from a template.

Did you encounter any challenges working with us?

Ms. Kpaduwa: No, there were no challenges…it was all smooth sailing! I originally reached out to GTECH in November, but then I was traveling. The staff at GTECH was very accommodating and patient, working completely with my timetable and schedule.

What’s the best thing about your new website? What business processes does it enhance?

Ms. Kpaduwa: I love my website! GTECH exceeded my expectations. This new site is so much easier to navigate and it’s seamless. Leaps and bounds better than my old site! You can’t look at the website and think anything small of our firm or of the site itself. It really helps to enhance our online image, which is important today. People judge your business by how it appears online, so having a strong website is important.

Please describe your overall experience working with GTECH. Would you recommend our services to your peers?

Ms. Kpaduwa: My overall experience working with GTECH has been great. I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues!
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