Remember that social network that had the disappearing photo feature and people kept complaining about it? Snapchat today is part of the top 3 social media platforms and we are all loving it or starting to love it. Snapchat has an estimate of 200 million active users, the majority of which are millennials and Gen Z, which make up the largest consumer target market today.

Brands are making use of this platform to position themselves in the everyday lives of this user. This gives them a huge advantage over those others who fail to see a content marketing strategy with snapchat.

In this post, we would be showing you what Snapchat is about and why you should leverage Snapchat to improve your content marketing strategy.

What is Snapchat About?

Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app for mobile. It comes with three major features:

Story: This is a series of up to 10sec videos and photos that are compiled to tell a user’s story. It is the most widely used feature of Snapchat. Since the majority of its users are millennials, the story that is told is specific, concise and targeted. This focuses on curating only the story you want the public to know as it disappears after 24hrs.

Snap: This is the photo/10sec video sharing feature of snapchat. It is usually used for private conversations and also used to make a story. When used in private conversations, they disappear within 10secs of being viewed.

Discover: This is the section of snapchat that the big brands have taken full advantage of. This is where brands use snapchat to present their contents to prospective customers. Being that the majority of snapchat users are millennials, these contents are usually fun and engaging photos/videos.

Snapchat as a Content Marketing Tool

The discovery section is where brands use snapchat as a content marketing tool. However, some brands may not have the financial power to own a discover channel. This doesn’t rule out snapchat from their tool list. Smaller brands can open an account on snapchat with their business name and promote it on their social network platforms so that their audience know that they have an active snapchat account.

The Advantages

Build Personality & Brand-User Relationship: It allows moments to be captured only in real time. This makes contents more authentic and realistic. Consumers like to see real life, without the editing and cut outs. They love to see what your day to day really looks like. Brands use snapchat to show their human side. This is usually fun and engaging. Such as Office tours, behind the scene moments e.t.c. This helps to build a stronger relationship between brand and audience.

Real-Time Marketing: Being that moments are captured in real-time, snapchat can be used to promote a new product. Video/photos of products as they are unveiled or released can be shared with users. Brands can also share snaps of offers and promotions.

Storytelling: Snapchat focuses on content creation and storytelling. A compilation of 10secs long real-time videos is a great and interesting way to get your brand story across to your audience.

Precision: Since your content is 10secs long and disappears after 24hrs, you have to give out only that content that is necessary and relevant to your audience; content that is memorable and engaging. With the disappearing content feature, it ensures that your audience come back to view your content in 24hrs or they’d miss it. It is a great way to retain,entertain, engage and inform your audience.

As a business owner, if you are looking to reach the largest consumer target market today (The millennials and Gen Z), then snapchat is the platform for you.

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