Prescheduling posts is of the utmost importance when marketing on social media. Some platforms like Tumblr have the preschedule feature built in, but alas most do not, so make sure you’re taking advantage all the features of these social media posting services. Buffer is among a several of these scheduling services, but there are a number of reasons we’re focusing on it this week.



Why It’s Important


Lets face it, you don’t have time to be stressing about posting on social media on a set schedule. You have a business to run! But regardless, staying active on social media and posting at the right time of day is still a crucial aspect of your social media experience. Buffer will not only save you time, it will ensure that you never miss a post by automatically posting for you according to the schedule you create. It even offers analytics available with a paid membership to help you determine what the best time of day to post is based on your followers and which of your posts have been the most popular.



How to Use It


Buffer’s job is to make yours easier, so overall it’s pretty user friendly. Once you’ve signed up and linked Buffer to your social media accounts (which takes all of two minutes), go ahead and draft your first post!


Just create the post under the “content” tab, select the account you are posting to and add to your queue. Under this page, you can add photos and videos to the post or even create images of your own.


Once your post is in your queue, you can edit your post or change the schedule at any time. Your posts will show up in your queue just below once they are added.



You can change your posting schedule by clicking on the “schedule” tab, which will bring you to this page:



From there, you can add, remove or change any of the posting times to fit exactly what you need. Buffer lets you completely personalize your posting schedule to fit whatever you choose. Under the content discovery tab, Buffer also offers the self-explanatory option of discovering other content under its paid membership.



This helps promote your own social media pages in addition to providing you with new and interesting content to enjoy, just one more reason Buffer is a tool you ought to be using.

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