You think Vine is dying because of the recent Twitter video feature? You’re wrong!

Of course you’ve heard of Vine. You might have used it yourself. It’s been here since 2013. If not, Vine is a 6 second video sharing social network. Users can share their videos through the Vine social network and in other well-known social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Before Vine, users could only provide a link from a third party application which is hosting the video. However, Vine’s integration with Twitter made it easier with embedded videos that can appear to your feed.

If you already knew Vine, you might think how you can still use it, since Twitter recently launched its own video service. Well, it’s a totally different thing. First you should know that Vine was acquired by Twitter so it is not a competitor and Twitter does not intend to compete with Vine.

Secondly, it is an entirely new social media platform, with unique profiles, followers and accounts to follow. It even has its own celebrities, people call them Vine celebrities. Some of them have up to 3 million followers!

Thirdly, with the most recent Vine update, the application will be able to preload videos even before you open the application for a faster experience. This also means that Vine videos will be able to play even if you are offline!

Furthermore, with Vine you can direct and edit each video second, picture and music, leaving you with the potential to create successful professional video creations. Finally, remember that these videos can be published in both Facebook and Twitter.

What does that mean for your business? Visual effects and photos get attention. Imagine how much a video can get. These are a few examples to leverage your business Twitter account with Vine:

  • Show a preview of your product/project work. A quick preview of a product that is about to be launched or a working project can spark some interest and questions which will lead to engagement and more followers.

  • Create a Vine video of your photos. It would look prettier and more interactive and people would love it and share.

  • Introduce clients to your workplace. Let people know about you and your business. Vine videos can talk about the working environment and employees.

  • If your business organizes events, update Twitter with live coverage and behind the scenes videos. Businesses can also use it when they attend conferences, have speeches, participate in a demo day etc.

  • In-action videos. Videos of a product or a project being prepared. It is always interesting to see how a final product is being delivered and with a six second video, you can control what is shown.

  • Encourage clients to shoot a Vine video with your product or your event and share it. Retweet and gather all videos for later revine/reshare or a contest. Another instance if your product is not tangible is having a client testimonial working with you.

  • Include a Vine celebrity to boost your product / service. With so many followers in their accounts, and so many hundreds of thousands of loops or even millions per post, your business will get much exposure.

  • Businesses can upload a Vine video of what is currently trending, instead of the Tweet of the day.

  • Happy hours. Show the fun side of your business and get people excited to work with and meet you.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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