The importance of SEO is no secret. Making sure your website scores high in the ranks of a search engine should be one of your top priorities for all of your online marketing strategies, and attaining that top slot is by no means impossible. By using article submissions, you can spread your content to a variety of different sources and gain exposure using another site’s audience.



What are article submissions?


An article submission is when you submit your own content to another website to publish on your behalf. Article submissions have become less popular over the years, but nonetheless they are still helpful in link building and improving your SEO.



What does this do for you?


Where do we even begin? First of all, it widens your audience right off the bat. All of the Washington Post’s regular readers who have never heard of your blog are now reading your work and learning about what you do. Of course you want to expand your own audience, but don’t forget that tapping into other audiences is a great way to do it. And more than anything, article submissions help you with those three little letters everyone is trying to master: SEO. The more your links appear out in the great World Wide Web, the more likely you are to rank higher in a search engine. Plus, any website that contains multiple sources and links will appear far more credible than one that doesn’t, so the system does ultimately benefit both parties.



How does it help your search engine rankings?


Ah, the golden question. The more your links appear on other websites, the better. You want as many people clicking on your links as possible, and to do so you need to expand your audience as much as you can. Submitting your articles to other sites will in part help you do that by increasing the number of people with exposure and access to your content. However, submitting your articles to submissions sites and essentially buying your SEO is not entirely effective on its own. It is helpful in giving you an additional boost as a secondary method to improving your SEO, but overall you’ll see more results by building your audience organically and producing good quality content. Use article submissions to give you an edge rather than depending on it entirely.



How do you submit articles?


There are a number of different ways you can go about this. There are dozens of great websites you can submit to like, and, but don’t forget to take advantage of other sources as well. WordPress, StumbleUpon and even social media can be great ways to distribute your content and build links. And keep in mind, it’s important to remember that this shouldn’t what you solely rely on for SEO. Producing good content is what will really ensure that top notch SEO you’ve been looking for.

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