Content is the single best way to drive people to your website today. Do something that makes it worth their while. Content will help attract traffic, accumulate more social shares, improve SEO efforts, and more. Various types of content, strategically connected to your brand, can work wonders in capturing the attention of an audience and leading them in your direction, but you have to provide some sort of value. Teach them something. Entertain them. That’s where you have the opportunity to tell them about your brand and what you can do for them.

One of the most important things about content is to keep it diverse and different. Having the same content on your site over and over again can become boring for the consumer and make your business seem like a one trick pony. Using diverse content makes things feel fresh and gives your business the opportunity to grow and thrive in new areas. If your end goal is to leverage these types of materials so you can do a better job of educating or entertaining your audience, then completing this in a fresh and exciting way would be the know brainier way to go!

Diverse content also helps your business reach every member of your target audience. Essentially, if a reader does not connect with one type of content you put out; you will have a better chance of getting their attention with a different kind. This is a very simple idea but can work wonders when taken into consideration with your putting out.

To help keep your content fresh, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be content that is more creative than the normal!

Podcasts are one of the newest and most innovative ways to give a lot of content to your audience. With podcasts, your options are as endless as your creativity!

Offer guides on how to do various things related to your business. This gives your audience a snapshot of what you do.

Review some products you use for your business and see if your followers use then as well. This can create a connection of interests with your audience.

Live Stream / Chat
Offer live streams of events or live chats with your audience. This allows for you to interact with your audience and talk to them about your business and what you are offering.

Post polls with questions regarding you industry and ask for your audience to respond. This gets your followers active, but also allows you to collect data about what they want and don’t want.

E-Books                                                                                                                                                                                                  Link your favorite business related e-book right now and explain why it’s a great read for your followers.
With these tips, hopefully you will able to achieve more creativity and diverse content for your audience. If you want help achieving your content goals, feel free to contact us.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

Bola is the founder and principal at GTECH Designs, a digital creative agency that helps small and mid-sized businesses launch, grow and succeed. Her research and work in web design, social media and strategic communication have been published in numerous books and articles, and she’s regularly seen on stage at events around the country. She’s responsible for teaching GTECH clients how to blend strategic goal-setting with great design to create effective online marketing strategies. You can reach her at [email protected]