A brand is a pulse of a company and customers interact with it every day across print, media, online, and social platforms. The ever-growing mobile industry is changing the way customers interact with and purchase their favorite brand’s products. Creating a mobile presence is an important step for many businesses to take; yet it can be a foreign process to some. Below are three steps and tips to help take your business to the mobile platform.

Make sure you have a social presence

Expand your brand conversation online via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms to connect your brand with your audience and listen and learn from their feedback. This takes time. Post some test messages targeted at one or more of your audience groups, learn from the response and adjust your posts. Also, use industry data to your advantage. Listen carefully to what is being said online – you want to have a conversation and be a resource for your customers.

Participate in the mobile conversation

Studies show having a strong social relationship with your customers online is important but it’s also important that you keep in mind that your target audience may be viewing their social and Internet pages via a mobile device rather than their desktop. According to recent Internet trend study’s, 19% of internet page views in North America (global web usage is at 25%) are initiated by a mobile device. It is also predicted that 50% of all online sales will come from social and mobile by 2015.

Build a website that is mobile friendly

Now that you have engaged with your customers online and understood that each day, more users will be looking at your site via a tablet or Smartphone your company should have a mobile or responsive website. If a website is difficult to navigate, those viewers will go elsewhere. That adds up to lost opportunity and lost revenue. A good user experience is key to expanding your brand, retaining users on your website and ultimately, converting those users into customers. 20% of mobile users are viewing with a screen resolution as small as 320 x 480 pixels. A responsive or mobile web site is needed for these smaller screen sizes and allows the user to have a better experience when navigating with their finger instead of their mouse.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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