Picture this: You’ve got a product you really believe in or a service that the world is clamoring for. However, you look at your website visits, and they aren’t reflecting the numbers you want to see. If your website is outdated and not able to reflect your company’s expertise, there’s no way that you’ll be able to successfully interact with your target audience.

To be sure that your website is living up to its potential, it should contain all of these elements:

User-friendly Navigation – Make it easy for viewers to find the content they’re searching for and they will be more likely to interact positively with your site.

A United Theme – The design graphics, textual content, and site layout should all act as a one and focus on more than just a bold color pattern.

Quality Content – Back up your information with reliable sources and prove your knowledge of the content area by discussing your experience and education.

Interactive Features – Allow your viewers to easily contact your company directly through your website, or by providing direct links to your social media profiles.

A Clear Purpose and Design – Don’t clutter up your website with unnecessary detail, focus clearly on the service or product that you provide.

Quick Loading – No one has the patience to wait for a webpage to load, and readers will quickly dismiss your site if they get aggravated when waiting.

Image Use – Break up long paragraphs of text with an engaging photo that can express so much more than words alone.

Useful, FREE Content – Offer your audience a reason to visit your webpage with free downloads, advice, a blog, ebooks, or graphics.

Consistent Updates – Take pride in your website and continually make updates with new and relevant information.

All businesses should use their websites to express their unique position, product, service, or message. Yet, to provide your audience with a successful experience, the site should contain the above-mentioned features reproduced with your own distinct flair.

Check out some of the websites we’ve designed and take note of how we’ve incorporated such essentials. Web design is just one of the many comprehensive services that we offer, and if you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your site, feel free to schedule an appointment.

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About The Author

Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

Bola is the founder and principal at GTECH Designs, a digital creative agency that helps small and mid-sized businesses launch, grow and succeed. Her research and work in web design, social media and strategic communication have been published in numerous books and articles, and she’s regularly seen on stage at events around the country. She’s responsible for teaching GTECH clients how to blend strategic goal-setting with great design to create effective online marketing strategies. You can reach her at [email protected]