Criticism is something everyone is going to experience one time or another. We may be used to personal criticism, but business criticism. Receiving criticism is never easy; it can also damage your business reputation. However, feedback and criticism in an open and social forum also gives your business an opportunity to deflect negativity and even earn yourself respect – if you handle it right. Below are a few steps that can help you approach work criticism in a healthy way and also get the most out of the criticism.

Listen and Assess
Actually hear what’s being said. If necessary, ask questions to make sure you understand the criticism fully. Then take a step back to assess the situation. Speak to mentors, family members or others in your office to help you understand whether the criticism is valid.

Address the Problem
No matter who’s at fault, it’s important to address the problem, whether it’s changing your own actions, acknowledging a misunderstanding or looking for others to change their ways. When someone in the workplace sees that you can handle a little criticism without blowing it up into a huge uncomfortable discussion, he or she will get increasingly more candid.

Don’t Take It Personally
Understand that they’re criticizing your work, not you as a person. Never take negative feedback about your work as a criticism of you as a person. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and has things to learn. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, but making the same mistakes over and over because you refuse to listen to criticism and learn is and unhealthy way of dealing with the situation.

Grow From The Experience
Remember that all constructive feedback (including negative feedback) is a sign of interest and a sign that people want to help you do better. It would be far worse for people to notice you doing bad work and not say a word. Take what has been said and apply it to your work and attitude. If you show others you are willing to change for the sake of getting better in the workplace, these people may come to your more often for help or advice in the office.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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