More than likely, you are familiar with the booming social media website Pinterest. It is an easy and organized way to share visual media content, known as pins, through various pin boards. Also with the re-pinning system, it is easy for others to quickly share your content.

With Pinterest growing in users every day, it is a valuable asset to use in trying to market your business online. Knowing how to use this platform, like any platform you are using, is important to having a successful presence. Understanding what works and doesn’t work can save your hours trying to show content that won’t goes very far. Below are some different tips on how you and your business can get the most out of the marketing capability’s of Pinterest and create a strong presence.

Optimize For Search
One of the most important things about Pinterest is making it easy for consumers to find your page. Most of the time, having just a name as a way to find you isn’t enough. Add a descriptive keyword that you want to be associated with to the end of your business name to increase the chances of your Pinterest business account being found through a search for Pinners. When creating boards and pins, make sure to also use keywords that could help connect your business to a certain area or niche. Keep these keyword descriptions short and simple to show up in relevant search results.

Be Specific
When creating your various boards, make sure to be specific with the titles and what content goes into them. When consumers find your page, a specific board name can really pop out if its what there looking for. Essentially, you’re doing the organizing for the consumer. Keeping things nice, neat, and specific can create an easier browsing experience for the consumer and will make it more likely for them to return.

Mindful of Consumer
When posting on Pinterest, don’t just post about your business and your products. Be mindful of what your consumer enjoys doing in there everyday lives. Target the “lifestyle” your business and consumers represent and show content related to that. This, in turn, will help create a feeling and presence the consumer can relate too.

Do Your Research
Understanding what’s trending on the Internet and Pinterest is a good way to get more re-pins. Trending keywords and interests can be implemented into your content to help boost traffic to your page. Also, with the Pinterest Analytics Tool, you can monitor your profile and your audience with the click of a button. The Analytics Tool allows you to see precise data on what content is doing well and what is not. Using this can give you an upper hand that most general users don’t have.

Be Consistent
Consistent content is one of the simplest and most important rules to follow to be successful on Pinterest. Having a constant stream of content will have consumers coming back for more. Make sure your posting at consistent times of the day when your readers are most likely to find your content. Most importantly, be consistent in the content you’re posting. Find what your consumer likes and runs with it.

With these tips, hopefully, you will able to achieve a successful Pinterest presence. A well-run Pinterest account can become a strong part of a larger marketing mix. If you want help achieving your marketing goals, feel free to contact us.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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