Content creation can create confusion for even the savviest brands. With so many options and opportunities for producing and posting content, it can be difficult to decide on a content marketing strategy. For some insight and inspiration on creating compelling content, here are some tips and tactics to make the most of your content marketing.

Look for Images to Increase Engagement

Pictures let a brand capture attention with a single glance, which is especially important since consumers have short attention spans and a large array of media vying for their interest. Consumers’ desire for visual content has led to the huge popularity of image-based platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. With so many image-based places to post, brands have numerous opportunities to use images in their content marketing to tell their stories and connect with consumers who share certain interests.

Share How You Care to Connect

When a brands supports philanthropic causes, it shows that they care for their community and they’re committed to certain issues. Sharing these efforts in your content humanizes the brand and lets you connect with others who care for these causes.

Support Social Self-Expression

Social media is a channel for personal expression, so encourage your fans and followers to exhibit their personalities in ways that relate to the brand. Have users get creative with the brand and share their brand experiences. In addition to providing consumer insight, this can also generate brand awareness, increase engagement, and attract many more followers.

Show the Personal Side of Products

Rather than have your content marketing be focused on product promotion, focus on the personal stories of how your products helped consumers. This results in more relevant content and inspires new ways for consumers to experience your brand’s benefits.

Ease Consumers’ Minds to Ease the Purchase Process

Many consumers have questions or concerns they want acknowledged before they make a purchase. Try developing content that answers these questions, responds to concerns, and clears up any confusion. This will expedite the buying decision and make customers feel more comfortable with their purchase and the brand.

Take Risks to Gain Rewards

Many brands are hesitant to explore new content marketing formats and channels, so they stay with the same old strategies. But by creating content for new media options, brands can reap outstanding rewards including brand awareness, consumer engagement, brand perception, search engine rankings, partnership opportunities, industry recognition, and more.

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

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  • such a Amazing guideline you listed here. content Marketing is the right way to improve your visibility on google and other search engine. Content is king and your Marketing build its kingdom.

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  • I agree with you, for better success in business. We have to take some risks, experiment is necessary to achieve the goal.