What are they?

A backlink is anything that links back to your website from another source somewhere on the internet. It’s really that simple. These little things are far more helpful than you might think, but how do you go about obtaining them? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

How do you build links?

One of the simplest ways is to submit your website to web directories, but you’ll find far more success just communicating with others in your community and creating good quality content. People will link to you if you have interesting and valuable things to say, so make sure your content is up to date and helpful to those who need it. More than anything, forming connections and simply being nice to people is one of the most promising ways to gain support and build links. Believe it or not, being nice to people actually does have tangible benefits (although we would highly encourage you to do so regardless).Don’t ask for links. Trust us, it doesn’t work nearly as well if it even works at all. Just spread the love and watch the backlinks grow.

How do they help your business?

Backlinks are often a huge determining factor in SEO. Search engines will often rank websites based on the number of backlinks. Think about it: the more often your website appears on the internet, the more important a search engine thinks it is, therefore ranking it higher in a search. We can’t stress enough how vital SEO is good online marketing, and backlinks are on your side when trying to achieve it. Moreover, backlinks are proof that others are supporting you (which is why you should generally build them organically and avoid paid backlinks). The more people that trust and enjoy your website enough to include it on their own, the more people will visit it and the better your reputation will get. Make sure you’re establishing a presence on social media so you can interact with others and form those sacred connections while you’re promoting yourself.

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