There’s no shortcut to awesomeness, and neither is there any magic formula – if you want the badge of awesomeness on your chest, you have to work hard for it – that has been the rule since the beginning of time. Strangely, though, when it comes to the seemingly daunting, but astonishingly rewarding realm of video marketing, that wicked rule tends to exert its prominence more than usual. Long story short – we would be lying if we told you that we have the secret recipe for overnight success in SEO video marketing (because no one really has it). However, we do have some cool tips and tricks with us that will help you learn the art of not sucking at video marketing; after all, as they say – not sucking at something is the first step towards mastering it.

There’s no denying that Video marketing is slowly and gradually emerging as a key marketing tool for small and large businesses alike for a number of reasons. First of all, SEO optimized video marketing campaigns, (in short, SEO video marketing) brings along a much better and convenient way to establish an effective communication channel with one’s potential customer bases by exploiting the technologies that almost everybody has embraced into their day to day lives. Video marketing is particularly effective when you use it to fetch information like product launches, product details, company updates, webinars and so on.

Due to these advantages it brings along, video marketing has been termed by many prominent marketing experts from around the world as an essential aspect no business regardless of its size or stance in the market should shy away from. If we are to believe their words, videos (including animated explainer videos) provide you the opportunity to constitute a passive engagement medium to communicate with your existing as well as potential customer bases. Apparently, these experts even go on stating that videos should be an integral part of your website’s landing page.

How videos on the landing page can boost your website’s lead conversion ability

With proper planning and a flawless execution, teaming up the right videos on your website’s landing page can add to your video marketing efforts. First, a quality video has the ability to dramatically increase the number of time people are willing to spend on your website – this allowing you to help your brand message sink in their mind. And experts believe that by featuring yourself or at least some of your employees on the videos, you are likely to trust factor associated with your brand significantly. However, the biggest benefit of including the right videos on your website’s landing page can be comprehended by observing the undeniable fact that most people are usually too lazy to spend their time reading something – instead, they would prefer to learn the same information through an audio-video medium.

In addition, you can also explain your business model with well produced animated explainer videos on your website’s landing page. The landing page design should never mismatch what you are trying to convey through your videos – this is important because unless you are a giant corporation, the landing page on your website is the first thing a new user will notice about your brand.

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Bola Olonisakin

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