When you get down to it, optimizing a website is for one thing and one thing only: so that your business does well and you profit in return. Having a website is essential to almost all businesses these days, but the end goal of any marketing strategy is to get people to buy your product. Here are some simple ways to make sure your website is doing just that.

Layout and organization: In an age when people can research the pros and cons of any product or company right from home, having all the essential information readily available to your customers is vital. Categorize your information, descriptions, and products or services in a way that’s easy to access and read. Nice photos, a good color scheme, and consistent fonts will ensure your potential clients that you are an experienced professional, and in doing so prevent them from shopping elsewhere. Everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover, but no one was ever taught not to judge a website by its cover page. And believe me, they will.

Sharing: Social media has made it so that people can document almost everything they do, so take advantage of this. Allow customers to share new products or information to their own social media pages directly from your website. A personal recommendation from a friend or family member is often the most trusted opinion available, and is generally the one that will bring in the highest profit for your business.

Reviews: Personal testimony from ordinary people with no prior connection to the product or service is often the most persuasive marketing tactic. Providing positive but honest reviews on your site shows potential customers that other people were so satisfied with your product that they would recommend it to anyone. This is one surefire way to convince people to spend their money on you, and your customers are actually doing it for you.

Contact information: If your customers need to contact you for whatever reason, your information needs to be readily available. They are coming to you for a service to avoid doing the extra work, so be sure that you are the one making their task easier. If finding a phone number or email address to place an order or make an appointment is any grueling task for your client, they will more than likely take their money elsewhere. Or even better, allow them to do so without even picking up the phone through online ordering or booking.

Order online: Let’s face it, people have gotten lazier since the (albeit marvelous) invention of online shopping. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that small businesses have more competition when anyone can buy nearly the same product on Amazon with free two-day shipping. If you are selling a product that can feasibly be shipped directly to your customer’s home, consider offering a delivery option. This has both added advantages of attracting more people to your website and keeping them from shopping elsewhere.

Special offers: Your website should promote your product. Offering any discounts? Promotional sales? Holiday deals? Whether or not you sell directly from your website, making sure your clients know what’s available is half the battle.

Mobile friendly: Is your website available in a mobile format? Being equipped to handle mobile devices gives your customers access to everything your website has to offer on the go. The time between first thinking of you and actually getting to a computer can be all it takes to completely forget why they needed you in the first place, so don’t give them that time. Let customers access whatever they need from absolutely anywhere, and don’t give those impulsive buyers an excuse not to buy within minutes directly from their phones.

Accessibility: Your website needs to be easy to find if you want any of the above to be affective. Link any social media accounts you may have back to your website and use email lists to your advantage. It has to be easy for your customers to get to your website in order to benefit your business.

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Bola Olonisakin

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