If you’ve got absolutely killer content, the world deserves to see it. But how? If you’re having trouble getting your content to your desired audience, try using some of these methods to help distribute your content to as many people as possible.



This seems like it should be a prerequisite, but in reality it’s a vital first step. If your content is not top notch, spreading it won’t be doing you any good. If you really want your content to reach a wide range of people, it needs to be worth sharing or it will never extend past your own inner circle.



We really can’t stress this enough: social media is an absolute essential in all aspects of marketing. In this case, it can be used to promote your own work and even share others’ work as well. If you’re sharing a variety of content from other creators, they will be more likely to share yours as well, therefore expanding your audience even beyond your own followers. Trust us, social media is your friend.


StumbleUpon is arguably one of the more up-and-coming services, but it’s one you ought to be taking advantage of. This site allows users to explore much in the way they can on Pinterest, but makes it so that they can come across your blogs posts and go right back to your website when they click on them. This is a great way to share your content and blog posts, promote others and even drive traffic back to your website.



The more likely your content is to come up in a search engine, the more likely a greater number of people will see it. Run your topic or title through a keyword generator and make sure you use those words. Whether it be in a photo caption, title or in the body of a blog post, make sure you’ve included words that people are searching for.



Quora is one of the more unique methods because you aren’t actually posting your content here. Instead, what you’re doing is providing your expertise in a place where people are actively looking for answers. You know your stuff, so prove it! This is an opportunity for you to establish your credibility, and linking back to your own website or blog posts is just a way to verify your credentials (while also distributing your content, of course). This is a place where everyone is eager for answers and guidance, so provide it for them with your content and knowledge.



We’re all familiar with email marketing, but there’s more than one way to go about it. Services like WiseStamp will link to blog posts and social media accounts right in an email signature, making it so that every email you send is actually a small self-promotion. You can also create email newsletters and set automated promotions of each new blog post with services like Goodbits and MailChimp, respectively.

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