Having a blog or a website is something to take great pride in. You have a passion and a message that you want to share with others, and you’ve read every trick and tip to ensure that some cyber traffic comes your way. Yet, despite your increased page loading speed and free content occasionally offered, there’s been a dip in viewership.

As it turns out, page views aren’t what matters the most. Don’t get me wrong, getting people to your page is very important, but getting people to continually come back is what builds a loyal fan base and further increases your chances of establishing a successful website. While some people stop visiting your site simply because of changed tastes or decreased internet activity, some people may be unsubscribing for other reasons.

Here are some common reasons as to why readers don’t return:

Weak Viewpoints: Stand up for the true purpose of your site and don’t try to take a moderate tone to attract a wider range of readers if that’s not what you’re about. It’ll only serve to alienate your current audience and eliminate loyal viewers.

Grammatical Errors: How lOng culd u stand too reed a pAge like thi.? Hopefully the previous sentence was an extreme example, but consistent grammatical mistakes provide an unnecessary hassle that your readers don’t need to deal with.

Aggressive Blogging: It’s great that you’ve taken a strong viewpoint, but don’t get carried away by engaging in rude or heated debates. Always follow blogging etiquette.

 Too Much Advertising: There’s no use advertising for your blog if people get there only to find it swamped with pop-ups and distracting banner ads.

 No Personal Connection: If readers get to know you on a personal level, they will be much more likely to support your online presence.

Site Lacks Original Content: Having a link thrown into your post here or there can definitely be a boon to your viewership, but solely relying on content from another source (including pictures or video) can wear on readers and make your site seem redundant.

Posting Too Much: Getting emails 5+ times a day because the blog you’re following wrote yet another post can be excessive. Limit your posts to 1-2 per week.

Not Enough Posts: On the flip side, You’re spending too much time focusing on social media advertising and reeling in new views, and not enough time creating content for your current followers.

Too Much Text: Your website may have a great layout, but if your content isn’t formatted in a style that makes it easy to read, it’ll be a constant chore to wade through your posts. Break it up with reasonably-sized paragraphs, images, and call-out quotes to increase readability.

Getting a new viewer to check out your blog is a nice occurrence, but getting a viewer to continually and enthusiastically revisit your site is a glorious feeling and a source of great pride. If you want help developing a blogging strategy, contact us. We’d be happy to assist!

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Bola Olonisakin

Bola Olonisakin

Bola is the founder and principal at GTECH Designs, a digital creative agency that helps small and mid-sized businesses launch, grow and succeed. Her research and work in web design, social media and strategic communication have been published in numerous books and articles, and she’s regularly seen on stage at events around the country. She’s responsible for teaching GTECH clients how to blend strategic goal-setting with great design to create effective online marketing strategies. You can reach her at [email protected]